Monthly Archives: January 2015

Studying – Exam Scheduled

I took a little time off, from studying, over the holidays, but I got back into prepping in early January.  I finished the CBTNuggets videos for the ICND1 and found some free online practice tests.  The free tests were OK, at best, so I spent a little money and bought the Boson ICND1 and ICND 2 practice tests.  The Boson tests got good reviews, and I used them for all of my previous certifications with very good luck, so I see no reason why I won’t consider this money well spent.

After running through the practice tests, they gave me a good idea on what to expect from the test.  It has been several years since I took a Cisco test, so getting a little practice with the simulator has been helpful.

Now that I got my studying on track and the practice tests running, I had to schedule the test, or I would continue to delay taking the test.  It is schedule for the first Friday in February, and I hope I can post that I passed the test.