Things I Learned Today:

1. NASCAR of today continues to prove that it is unwatchable. I grew up watching NASCAR in the 70s\80s and spent way too many Sunday afternoons watching NASCAR through the 90s; however, the current NASCAR racing is just dreadful to watch. I think it is a combination of a drawn out schedule, stupid long races and horrible announcers (they need more Chris Economaki). Not to mention the perception (or reality) of intentional drama by “well placed” yellow flags. It is bad and boring racing to watch.

2. AFC North is just a bad division this year. As a life long Steeler fan, it is hard to see the AFC North teams struggle this bad during the season. Even in off years for the Steelers, the AFC North is typically a feared division to play; however, this year they are getting beat up by the other divisions (such as NFC East).

Other stuff:

LED Lights: I got more LED lights installed in the garage, and I’m a huge fan of the LED lights. They are instant on, no humming in cold weather and very bright.

Welding: I think I’m finally getting to a point to get serious about learning to weld. I built a set of rear, upper, adjustable control arms for my Ricer, and I enjoyed building the arms. For me to do more of that type of work along with a bigger car project, I need to learn how to weld better, so I plan on using YouTube to watch some training videos and spend time on practice welding.

Ricer Control Arms: As mentioned above, I built a set of rear, upper, adjustable control arms for the Ricer. These will allow me to adjust rear tire camber. I will use this to try different setting between autocrossing and track days. In autocrossing, I need the rear to rotate while on the road course, I’m not too concerned about rear rotation.

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