Monthly Archives: January 2017

01/29/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. The 24 Hours of Daytona finished up today, and it was a great race. FOX covered 23 of the 24 hours, so I taped it and watched it which allowed me to fast forward through a bunch of it. I did watch the last 1:30 hours real time, and the racing was great. Congrats to the Ford GT team to win the GT-LM class

2. I did not miss football

3. I got the new running boards, which I welded up, on the truck and painted today. Below are the before, during and after photos. The boards cost about $60 which included a new spool of MIG wire.

01/28/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Racing season has officially started with the 24 Hours of Daytona. I’m using the DVR to tape the race, and I will catch up over time. This gives me the ability to fast forward through commercials and slow parts of the race.

2. My sandblaster makes a hell of a dust mess. I need to figure out a way to seal up the lid much better. I did get pretty much all of the sandblasting done on the Tonka, but I still got some clean up on the dump bed to finish.

3. I started to watch “The White Rabbit Project” on NetFlix. This show is the three side kicks from The Myth Busters – Kari, Tori and Grant. I watched two episodes, and I have enjoyed them. They have good chemistry which makes the show better to watch.

01/27/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I’m glad it is Friday, and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I will tape some of the 24 Hours of Daytona, and I hope to get the new running boards on the truck. I also should have time to finish up sandblasting the Tonka

2. I need to buy car covers for the cars in the garage to protect them from the dust I create working on stuff. There is a layer of dust from sandblasting on everything

3. I lost interest in the Netflix show “OA”, so I need to find another series to watch. I do have a bunch in the queue, so I’ll pick one and see if I like it.

01/26/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Weight Watch: 210 lbs. Been eating decent and been exercising every other day.

2. 60* in January makes for a nice walk in the woods with the dogs.

3. Started a new Netflix show called “OA”. I’m on my third episode, and I hope it starts to pickup a little bit. It has been kinda slow, but they have been building up the characters.

4. Got a little more sand blasting done on the Tonka, so progress is being made. I may have the sandblasting done by the end of the weekend. As I finish sandblasting a piece, it goes into primier, so if all goes well, I can start to paint the pieces next week.

01/25/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Weight Watch: 211 lbs

2. Started sand blasting the Tonka truck. These old Tonkas use some thick sheet metal, and now I know why they last. I got the frame and cab pieces blasted and primered. I’ll work on the dump bed and front end over the next few nights.

3. Working on getting FreeRadius working with Juniper stuff. Got the server to respond to a radtest command, but I still need to get a Juniper device to talk to FreeRadius

3.1. I got FreeRadius working with the Juniper. I disabled iptables (firewall) on the server, and the connection worked as advertised. Once we go to production, we will tweak iptables and keep it running for an additional layer of security.

4. Over the last few nights, I got home from work and staid busy walking the dogs, working in the garage and exercising. The evenings zip by very quickly, and I have not missed not watching TV. I did watch the last episode of The Grand Tour, which was OK.

01/23/2017: Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Patriot’s Day is a very good movie about the Boston Marathon Bombings. It is a worthwhile watch.

2. The Steelers did not show up for their playoff game. Coaching had something to be desired, and the players were not ready for the game. Disappointing…

3. Got the second running board welded up, so I need to put some paint on them and get them welded onto the brackets on the truck.

4. Took apart the Tonka truck, so I hope to get working on sandblasting and painting the pieces this week.

01/20/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Weight Watch: 211 lbs

2. I’m so glad the inauguration is finally here. Looking forward to Trump getting into office to see what he will do.

3. Running out of welding wire, without any on the shelf, pretty much sucks. I picked some up a Home Depot, but I will order more to keep on the shelf.

4. Not sure what I will get into this weekend. I would like to finish up the running board for the drivers side, and start the passenger side, and I would also like to get more yard work\cleanup done. We’ll see how the weather and weekend plays out.

5. I decide to start studying for my JNCIP-SEC cert, so that will keep me busy in any down time.

01/18/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Weight watch: 212 lbs. Ate decent, but did not exercise

2. I much prefer to be in the garage welding stuff and listening to music versus watching the crappy news programs.

3. It is unbelievable that Chelsea (Bradley) Manning has been pardon.

4. I ordered new blades for the portable band saw. I got three for $18 on Amazon. I used the saw last night a bunch, and it is working great. It was $30 well spent.

01/17/2017: Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Weight Watch: 212 lbs. I’m fine with this weight as I ate a lot over the weekend. I got back on track yesterday, so we will see where I end up at the end of the week. 210 is still the goal.

2. The movie “Hidden Figures” is a very good movie. It is good to see several success stories wrapped up into one movie. It is an eye opener on how the office dynamics were in the 60s\70s.

3. Started to build the new running boards for the truck, and I’m going to change my design a little. The portable band saw and carbide metal chopsaw both worked great. I also used my MIG welder to weld up the seams.

4. Rita’s Italian Ice’s coffee custard is very good.