Monthly Archives: February 2017

2/28/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. NyQuil is awesome. I haven’t been feeling well since Sunday afternoon, and with a little help from NyQuil, I could sleep through the night, and I am feeling much better after a couple days.

2. Feb 2017 is the warmest Feb on record. I’m not complaining, and if the winters stay a little warmer that the current average, I may not get a hankering to move south every winter.

3. Due to illness, I haven’t done much around the house, so no new updates on projects. I hope to get back to them in a couple days.

2/25/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I went in to the DC Convention Center today for the Keystone Group trade show, and it was pretty good. It took about 4 hours to walk, and I got a chance to discuss items with several vendors. It was worth the trip.

2. I got to meet Rutledge Wood, and he is a down to earth guy who enjoys talking with his fans. He spent a little time with each of his fans and signed a poster for the folks in line.

3. There was a nice Willys truck done up, and I like me some Willys truck.

4. I’m a “Ford Guy”, but the new Camaro is a pretty strong car with a great engine.

2/24/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. It looks like February 2017 will go down as the warmest on record for the DC area. While I despise Winter, this one has been pretty decent, and if they can stay like this, or even a little cooler, I could get over my hatred for the season. I almost swapped from my winter motorcycle jacket to my warm weather jacket, but since we will be in the 50s next week, it was easier to use my winter jacket for a few more weeks.

2. The Tonka is coming along. All of the painting is complete, and the assembly has started. I want to make a front bumper (welding practice), and the wheels\tires and axles need to be cleaned up

3. I want to start on prepping the garden area this weekend. I got an area that I want to put in blueberry and raspberry plants, and a separate area that will will be doing a raised garden bed that I think I will set up for asparagus in for the long term. It takes a couple years for the asparagus to get established, but once established, they produce on a yearly basis.

4. It has been a slow car project winter so far, and my next few projects are going to be basic maintenance type stuff on the Tundra, FFR, Ricer and Kawasaki. The next real car project will probably be to get the Acura up and running at a road worthy point. I’m still deciding on my path for the Acura.

5. Minimalism and “retirement” are still on my brain, and this weekend, I will be taking time to review my investments, along with my wife’s, to make sure we’re still on track

2/21/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Once again, I realized that my current employment is a means to an end. Fortunately, there is a decent light at the end of the tunnel that will provide post employment options. I do read the blog, and he has some very good thoughts on spending and saving; however, I don’t align with him 100%, we are definitely on the same highway. We will see what the next few years bring us in the employment arena.

2. I started to watch free videos on the Security Plus cert, and they seem to be decent. I’m also reading the Sybex Security Plus book, so once I’m done with these, I will probably buy a practice test and plow through the certification which will give additional options to the above item

3. We are having Spring in Winter. Today was a “cool” day, and it was only in the high 50s. Later this week, we will be in the mid-to-high 70s.

4. More progress on the Tonka, so I will post pictures a little later. I also found out this weekend that my Mom got a free Tonka truck from a guy in her neighborhood, so the next time I visit, I’ll pick that up and see what I can do with it.

2/20/2017: Things I Learned This Week

I was on vacation last week, so that is my excuse on being AWOL.

1. We spent a few days at Virginia Beach, and it was our first time there. We had a beach front hotel with a nice patio which was great for the dogs. The weather was very nice during our visit, and the boardwalk was very busy with families on the weekend; however, we ighad a private boardwalk on the weekdays. I liked that the boardwalk was not busy with shops, arcades and food places. Most of those items were on the block behind the hotels. The exceptions were the bar\grills and restaurants in the hotels.

2. The hotel we stayed in had the waffle irons for breakfast, and I love me some waffles. I hogged the waffle irons while I was enjoying the complimentary breakfast.

3. I expect that we will go back to VA Beach, in the off season, and enjoy the area a little more. There are a few museums that we can visit along with enjoying the boardwalk.

4. Vacations also get me thinking about work and our next steps. We are working towards the financial situation that will allow us to “slow up on real work”. We are well down that path, but we need to figure out the details to ensure that we can continue to enjoy life.

5. I did some yard cleanup and got plans for our garden. I’m going to focus on getting a few blueberry and raspberry bushes planted along with a raised garden bed with asparagus.

6. I also have started studying for the Security Plus certification which is a required cert for many fed jobs.

7. Tonka progress:

2/9/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I started to read the Security + Study Guide, and it looks to be a pretty straight forward study guide. Chapter one was based on different types of risks and risks assessments (Exciting stuff, I know). There will be a lot on acronyms (which I have been exposed to in prior jobs) along with best practices. I get this type of stuff, but at the end of the day, certs like this really don’t offer much benefit in the real world, but employers like this type of stuff, so people like myself spend the money to complete the certs.

2. My wife’s birthday was yesterday, so we did a quick trip to Uncle Julio’s, and their nachos are really good. After nachos, we hit a custard shop across the street, and their cappuccino flavor custard was awesome.

3. Last day of work prior to 6 work days off, so I will tie up some loose ends, and hopefully the day will go by quickly.

2/8/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Another beautiful Sprint day in February. It got into the low 70* degrees, and the motorcycle commute was very nice. We will get snow over night, but back into the 70s on Sunday

2. I’m going to start studying for the Security+ cert tonight. This cert will fill a checkbox to help future proof my job possibilities. I got the study guide delivered today, so I will provide updates as I go along

3. Here are the pictures of the painted Tonka chassis. I did start painting the front\cab portion, so those pics will be uploaded later.

2/7/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Weight Watch: I did not weigh myself this morning, but I needed an additional belt hole this morning, so that is a good thing

2. I watched “The Secret Lives of Pets” last night, and it was not really a good movie, but there were some enjoyable parts

3. I got the Tonka “chassis” painted black, and I have started on painting the yellow body parts. I get photos uploaded later

4. I started configuring LDAP for my radius install. This is the first time for me, so it will take a little while to figure out.