Monthly Archives: March 2017

3/31/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Today is the last day of the first quarter of 2017, and while I’m glad spring is here, I still cannot believe how fast time goes. I can only hope the next six months slow down a little bit.

2. I had some tree work done yesterday, and the climbers are braver men than me. I have a big old oak tree that needed some of the limbs, which were hanging over the house, trimmed back a little, and the climber went up the tree and out on the limbs to trim them back. He had a bunch of rigging to support him and to catch the tree limbs to prevent them from falling on the house. They did a great job.

3. It was officially announced that AT&T got awarded the FirstNet contract to provide a nationwide First Responder network for the next 25 years. Hopefully, this works out as well as it should, and the First Responders will have a quality network to use when needed.


3/29/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. It was about as perfect of a day as you could ask for, and being on vacation, it was that much better. I got the dogs out for a walk (Buddy is doing well after his dental work), had lunch at my favorite Thai place that has the best Drunkin Noodles anywhere and got a time consuming house project finished. The house project was to wrap 4×4 post with wood to give a more finished look and to make the post look larger. Very time consuming, but done.

2. Vacation is sooooo much better than working. Need to find a way to make money outside of my normal day-to-day job. I keep on reading that you need to find a way to make money doing things that you like to do; however, I still need to figure a way to do that.

3. Just finished Season 2 of “Better Call Saul”, and it was pretty good. Season 2 was better than Season 1, and I’m looking forward to seeing Season 3 on Netflix in probably a year or so. Maybe I should be doing something related to #2 above versus watching TV shows

3/28/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I was watching the Gas Monkey against Street Outlaw shows, and unfortunately, it was a reinforcement of what happens across the country every day in motorsports. There is always “that guy” who spends a lot of money and have shops do the work only to show up to compete against the shade tree\backyard mechanic (not that Midwest are shade tree, but they are not at the Gas Monkey level); then, they want to strut around letting everyone know how fast they are. This is my biggest issue about motorsports, but it is what it is. Fortunately, Street Outlaws did end up winning this competition, and I love it when the big dollars guys need to tuck their tail.

2. The flip side was the Farmtruck\AZN vs. Aaron story line. They did the work themselves, with a limited budget, and they each brought quality equipment, had fun and went home with their equipment ready for the next event.

3. I did a little clean up around the garage and took a bunch of crap to the recyclers and walked away with $23. Nothing to retire on, but most folks will either pay to take this stuff (scrap metal, scrap wire and pieces of aluminum) to the landfill or drop it in the recycle bin for pickup.

3/24/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. A co-worker and I were not getting along like we once did, so we grabbed a huddle room and discussed the issue. It turned out to be a minor issue, which stemmed from a misunderstanding, and we got it worked out. This goes to show that sometimes it just takes you to step up, talk about the issue and work through the differences to make it better for everyone.

2. First day of vacation is today, and I got a bunch of to do stuff to knock out. It is chilly this morning, but it will warm up nice and will be a decent day to be outside doing stuff

3. I got two chapters read in my Security + book, and my goal is to finish the book while on vacation. Once I’m done with the book, I will look into a practice test and cram for the test

4. I got my truck’s front end aligned the other day, and I had a good experience with the shop Virginia Tire and Auto . They got the truck aligned, and provided a list (with their estimate) of items that should be completed. This is nice because I do my own maintenance, so now I have a good check list of items that need to be completed along with the fluid details. I calculate the money that I save by doing the work myself and use that over the year to justify buying tools.

3/22/2017: Things I Learned This Week

1. I flew out to Northern California last week, and it was my first trip to that area of the US. It was very pretty, and due to the wet winter, the mountains were very green which was perfect for St. Patrick’s day.

2. I got to drive through the country a little bit and visit the micro-brewery Lagunitas. They had a great outside set up to enjoy their beer and good food, and it didn’t hurt that the day I was their was just about perfect weather.

3. I had to push back my flight a day due to a big snow storm that came through the area. Fortunately, we only got a few inches at my place, but it just reinforced that I dislike winter weather; however, I am glad to see that we only got a couple inches of snow all winter, so all in all, this winter was not too bad.

4. While I enjoyed the trip, I was looking forward to coming home.

5. I flew home on a 777, and it was my first time on this style plane. It was a nice ride, but the flight was very crowded with little to no room to stretch out. Fortunately, I had several shows downloaded onto my phone from NetFlix, so that made the ride home somewhat bearable.

3/11/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I despise winter. It doesn’t snow all year, and on the one day that I am scheduled to fly out on a business trip, we are supposed to get dumped on. Hopefully, the path will change a little and limits the amount of snow in the DC area.

2. People were driving like dumbasses all week. I don’t know why people that are making right turns stop and give way to folks making left turns across traffic at the same intersections. Just follow the rules.

3. Chainsaws are awesome! I have some branches that came down due to high winds and a few small trees that I want to clean up, and I love using the chainsaw. I keep the chain sharp, and it just slices through the trees like butter. After my trip, I’ll need to rent a chipper to chip all of the stuff that I have cleaned up, so that will keep me a little busy.

3/09/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Winter will be hanging on a little while in March. After a few days of great weather, we will get a cold snap for next week. At least the days are longer and the sun is warm this time of year.

2. Regular TV is pretty bad. I haven’t watched regular TV for a little while now, so it may be time to reduce the TV package down to the next level and see how it works out. There are a couple shows I DVR, but I could either watch those on the channel’s website or wait until they hit one of the streaming services

3/07/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. Buying a quality motorcycle chain and quality chain lube is a good investment. I completed some chain maintenance, and it was easy to tell that the last chain I bought is of high quality. There has been very little stretch to the chain and I have several thousand miles on the chain. I also started to use JGR chain lube, and it is working very well. It does “stick” to the chain better than the last lube I used, so the chain requires less frequent lubing.

2. I completed a few around the house type things over the last couple days, and once again, I reinforced the idea that I do better when I have a list of items to get done. I need to be better about creating a list of items that I want to complete prior to starting the day. The lists I make, the more I get done.

3. My 13 1/2 year old dog is still going strong and enjoys chasing any critters that come into her yard. She had a groundhog cornered the other day, and since I spread sunflower seeds in the yard, there are always a plethora of squirrels to chase.

3/3/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I guess it is time to start working on taxes. I hate completing this chore, but it is what it is.

2. After about 5 days of feeling a little off from an illness, I’m finally back close to 100%, and it feels good to be back functioning again.

3. Netflix has a few car shows, and I started the Hot Rod Garage season, and I have really enjoyed it so far. It is a mix of the YouTube channel along with an additional “editorial” segment. I watched five episodes last night and enjoyed them. The other shows that I added to my list are “Dirt Everyday”, “Epic Drives” and “Roadkill”.

4. The weekend weather is back to normal, so the warm weather will be missed for a few days before we get back up into the 60s again.