Monthly Archives: April 2017

4/27/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I’m in the Anaheim, CA area for work, and I can fully understand why this area is so popular. The weather is perfect and the area is beautiful; however, I’m ready to get home.

2. Traffic on the I-5 is ridiculous, and I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that on a regular basis.

3. I get to use the TSA Pre-Check for the first time tomorrow. I’m looking forward to not being required to take off my shoes and my laptop out of my bag.

4. I’m looking forward to finishing up my raised garden beds this weekend. I hope to get the beds ready for planting in the next week or so.

4/20/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. My Kobalt air compressor started to struggle on start up, so I checked to make sure the pressure check valve was not stuck which would keep pressure on the piston and hinder initial startup. The check valve seemed to be working fine, so the next place to look is the capacitors. Since I don’t have a multimeter that can measure capacitors and the capacitors are inexpensive, I bought new ones for replacement. They should get here late this week or early next week.

2. I went through the TSA Pre-Check process, and at this point, it has been very painless. I filled out the application online, and two days later I went to Dulles Airport to complete the process which included digital finger printing. The lady working there said it will take a couple weeks to get my pre-check number, so I hope this portion goes quicker than expected. I will be flying a lot this year, and this will speed up my TSA line time.

3. I hope to get more aluminum TIG practice time this week. I got a bunch of my to do items finished this week, so finding time should not be too difficult assuming nothing pops up.

4. The weather has been nice walking weather, so Kelly and I have been enjoying evening walks through the neighborhood over the last couple weeks. It is a great way to unwind from the day and catch up with small talk.

4/17/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I got the Tonka truck finished. I still need to order new stickers, but that can wait until I got a little more time for a side project.

2. The weekend had great weather, and I got a lot of good walking\hiking in with the better half. Hopefully, we can keep up the hiking on weekends, so we can enjoy the outdoors after a week of suburbia crap.

3. Ferrari looks to be the real deal this year against Mercedes. Two wins for the prancing horse this year, and I’m looking forward on seeing how the year turns out.

4. I’m looking to sign up for a track day in May which will be my first track day in a couple years. The event is on the Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit which is my favorite track at Summit Point.

5. I did start to practice welding aluminum on Saturday. It is tricky, compared to steel, but with a little more practice, I will be ready to try to weld up a “real” project.

4/11/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. I got aluminum TIG fill rods on the way, and I got them from Welding Supply. I find this site to be very well priced with quick shipping, so they have been getting my business (not too much yet) from me, and I will continue to use them. I got a small aluminum project to try my aluminum TIG skills on. I did buy extra material, so I can practice before I move onto the real project.

2. Gardening is hard work… This past weekend, I cleaned up an area, put down landscaping cloth, mulched and planted (2) blueberry and (2) blackberry bushes. It took longer than I planned, and it was a good little work out. I hope to move onto building the raised garden beds this week.

3. The weekend had great weather, and unfortunately, it went by way too fast. I’m trying to make the most of the nice evenings that we will have this week. If I can stay on track, I’ll get a lot of the little items finished up prior to the weekend, so I can focus on the larger project when I have all day to get them done.

4. I repainted a section of fence line with asphalt based paint that I got from Tractor Supply, so I’ll get a chance to see how well it holds up over the year. I still have another section to paint, but it won’t take too long as the asphalt base paint does cover really well, so it goes on rather quickly.

4/05/2107: Things I Learned Today

1. It takes a lot of mulch to cover areas. I had the tree guys dump their chip truck on my property, so I could use the chips for mulch, and the pile looked huge. As I start to spread it, the pile is going down, and I haven’t cover that much of an area yet. I got a couple small areas to spread mulch; then, I have a few large areas which will use up the mulch very quick.

2. The last couple days were really nice spring days, and I have so much more energy and ambition to get stuff done around the house. Too bad we get winter and short days.

3. Buddy seems to be back to normal after his dental work. In the last couple days, I can see all of his personality traits back, and he is acting like Buddy. It did take a few days for him to get his personality back, and I’m sure with the amount of work he had done, he did have pain to work through.

4/03/2017: Things I Learned Today

1. One year ago today, I had a friend pass away unexpectedly, and it just reinforces that you are not guaranteed tomorrow.

2. I took my FFR out for a short drive yesterday, and I really enjoyed the drive. I have a goal of driving it a lot more this year, so we will see if I can meet that goal as the year passes on by.

3. Today is my first day back after six days off of work, and it was tough to get motivated to get to work. Hopefully, it will be easier as the week passes.

4. I had a bunch of tree work done last week, and I had the guys dump their wood chip truck for me. I’ll use these chips for mulch around the house and the, soon to be built, raised garden beds. It is a lot of chips, so there will be a lot of work to move them around, but it is good exercise and outside work.