5/20/2017: HPDE Prep

I’m going to attend a TrackDaze track day tomorrow, so I finished up prepping the car and loading the truck for the day. The prep for the car is pretty straight forward, nd I would consider it common sense. I checked all of the fluids, brake rotors, brake pads (non-stock pads. You need to upgrade the pads for a full track day), and a general chassis look over to check all bolts are tight.

Since the Ricer is only used for track days and autocrossing, I know all of my fluids are good and not old\dirty. I took the car for a quick spin around the neighborhood, to get the engine up to temp, and ensured that there are no leaks that need attention. Once all of that was complete, I deemed the car ready for the day and got it loaded on the tow dolly.

Besides the car, I have a short check list for items that I need to take with me. This list includes a torque wrench, assortment of tools, extra fluids, Windex, paper towels, rags, gloves, jack, jack stands, fold up chair, helmet and extra clothes. That about sums it up, and everyone is different on their list, so make a list and add\subtract as needed.

I also carry a folder with the track day information packet. The TrackDaze packet includes the schedule, tech inspection form and guidelines. One item that changes between organizations is the requirement for long sleeve shirts while on track. TrackDaze and SCCA require long sleeve shirts, but other do not. Make sure you know the rules and bring appropriate clothes.

While most tracks have a cafeteria, I make a habit of taking food and snacks to get through the day. I also carry a bunch of water to stay hydrated through the day, especially on a hot day. Fortunately, tomorrow should be in the low 70s, so it should be a very pleasant day on and around the track.

I hope to post pictures and\or videos of the day on Monday.

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