7/09/2017: 4-Post Lift

After about 10 years of looking at 4-post lifts, I finally got one. I got the PRO8 with RJ-35 sliding jack combo. The ordering and shipping portion went better than expected. After a quick call to Greg Smith Equipment, I had the combo on order, and I selected the free shipping to a nearby freight depot that is 35 minutes away from my house. The lift was ordered on a Monday, and the lift arrived on Thursday and could have been picked up as early as Friday; however, I had vacation planned, so I delayed pickup until the following Wednesday which was no problem with the Old Dominion depot.

My Uncle came down with his truck and trailer on Wednesday morning to help with the lift pick up and initial install, and after a quick breakfast and a short drive, we were at the freight depot. It took a couple minutes to get checked in and sign for the lift; then, they forklifted the lift and jacks onto the trailer, and we headed home.

Once at my placed, we offloaded the lift pieces, by hand, with the assistance of rollers and jacks. While this was not ideal with two people, we managed without any injuries. With the pieces unloaded, I started to look at the instructions, and these instructions make IKEA instructions look good. The 4-post lift is not a complicated piece, but I did have a couple pieces in backwards, so it did require a little bit of re-work to get all the pieces installed correctly.

I finished all of the big items on day one – posts, ramps, cables, and I finished the details on day two to include the final adjustments. Now that I completed one lift, it would take much less time if I ever help with another lift.

I tested the lift by using the ailing (bent valves) Ricer, and as planned, I can have the Ricer on the lift, and I have room to park either the Cobra or Integra under the ramps. This will allow me to park all of my cars in the garage which I’m looking forward to.

Now that I got the 4-post lift in and working, I feel that I’m pretty much done with large purchases for the garage.

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