7/10/17: Things I Learned Today

1. After my last track day, I thought I may have bent a couple valves due to a miss shift, so over the weekend, I did some diagnostics. First, I ran a compression test, and all four cylinders had similar and very good compression. The second test was a leak down test, so I borrowed a friends leak down test kit, and my results showed that all the cylinders are good. With the leak down results, I may not have bent valves, so I looked at the timing, and the intake cam has jumped a tooth on the timing belt. After a little research, a jumped tooth has symptoms that I’m experiencing, so this week, I will reset the timing belt and pulleys to see if my symptoms are fixed, and if so, I will replace the belt and put everything back together for the next track day.

2. It is difficult to go back to work after a few days off. I was very productive on my days off and enjoyed the weekend; however, reality kicked in this morning when I had to get ready for work. I much prefer on working around the house, but every paycheck generates savings which gets me closer to retirement.

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