7/17/2017: My Dogs

I did not do too much this weekend, so I relaxed around the house with my dogs. Circe, the brown dog, is almost 14 years old. She is showing signs of old age, but she is still a crazy dog. When she is not napping, she on guard and patrols the back yard for any critter that is not part of her “pack”, and over the years, she has done a masterful job of keeping the yard clear of unwanted critters.

Buddy, the black dog, has been a member of the pack for almost three years. We got him after the passing of Circe’s brother, Rocco. When we got him, he was around 6 years old and had a pretty tough go of it. He was well taken care of at the Antietam Humane Society for 6 months when we meet him. It took him a long time to adjust and trust us, but in the last 18 months, he has really became a part of the family. The biggest change is his love for walks and truck rides. When we first got him, he was terrified of rides and walks, but now, he is so excited for them.

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