7/20/2017: Volvo C30 Front Brake Change

The front pads on the C30 were getting pretty thin, so I decided it was time to swap the pads. The car has been pretty maintenance free since October 2009, and I did complete a “pad slap” once before, so it was time for a little love. I decided to replace the rotors, pads, calipers and brake line. While this was more than what was needed, I hoping that these new parts will last for another 100,000 miles with little to no issue (with the exception on new pads at some point).

Once I got the car on the lift, the swapping of the parts was a lot easier than I expected. The caliper and caliper bracket was removed, on both sides, with no problem. Once the caliper was unbolted, I decided to remove the brake line from the hard line, left the line connected to the caliper, and the caliper\caliper bracket\brake line was removed as a unit. With the bracket removed, the rotor was pulled off with little effort. The removal effort was the same for both sides, and I was happy with the basic design.

The installation was reverse order. The rotor slide on no problem, and I used a lug nut to hold it in place as I bolted on the caliper bracket. I did connect the brake line to the caliper; then, connected the soft line to the hard line. Once that was connected, the pads went into the caliper, and the caliper was connected to the caliper bracket. Once again, I was pleased with the ease of installation.

Once everything was tighten down, I used my pressure bleeder and bled all four calipers. The fluid was due a change, so it made sense to do all four at this time. After the air was bled out of the front calipers, everything was doubled checked, and it seems to be good to go.

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