9/14/2017: House Hunting: Delaware

This coming weekend, Kelly and I will be looking at houses in Delaware, and the two main locations are Selbyville and Lewes. Each have their pros and cons, so the recon should provide a lot more information for us to decide. We are basically looking for a smaller house with a little bit of land (1/2 acre or so) and a two car garage along with close proximity to the beaches, restaurants and daily shops such as grocery stores and gas stations. To my surprise, we have seen several houses that meet this criteria for sale, and hopefully, the visit will show that the houses are as nice as the online pictures show.

The Selbyville homes are between 3 to 5 miles away from the beaches which are at the Delaware\Maryland line, and the Lewes homes are similar distance from the beaches. Just like any house hunt, each house meets our criteria a little different, but I think we will be able to find something that suits our needs, and once found, Kelly and I will need to work through the “to buy” or “not to buy” decision.

Why Delaware… The big reason for a Delaware house is to lower our overall cost of living. Northern Virginia has high property tax rates, and in general, has many taxes which eat at your earnings, and when you spread these costs over 10, 20 and 30 years, they add up to a substantial amount. By eliminating many of these taxes, our earnings and savings will go farther into retirement. we will also be looking at the prices of different items this weekend to include gas, groceries and other cost of living items which will allow us to compare to Northern Virginia. At initial glance, we should be able to lower our cost of living substantially by moving to Delaware.

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