9/27/2017: House Hunting Part II

After a couple trips to Delaware and about 10 house visits, we decided on a house in the Rehobeth Beach area. The house is west of Route 1 (main north\south road); however, it is still close to a lot. Being close meets one of our goals of being able to ride bikes to the beach, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and bars, so we are excited by how many places are nearby.

The house has one floor living, so we have no need to use stairs on a day-to-day basis which was another big goal for the house. The house is laid out very well with the master suite on one side and the other two guests bedrooms\baths are on the other side of the house, so there is a little separation. The whole house was redone and updated, so besides a little paint, we will not have any real work to take care of onc e we get the keys. The rear yard is fully fenced with a vinyl fence which will allow the dogs to roam and sniff safely. All in all, we feel this house meets our long term wants for a retirement house.

Assuming everything stays on track, we will close on 10/20, which is a Friday, so we will pack stuff, load up the dogs and stay the weekend. Since it is right around the corner, I got the bikes ready for the first weekend, and after a short ride around the neighborhood, I decided to get a “comfy” seat for my bike along with a headlight\taillight set to test. If these work well, I will get a set for Kelly’s bike.

As we experiment with our bike ventures, I am really considering an electric conversion to provide a little boost of “energy” when\i needed. This will come in handy once I get a trailer rigged up for trips to the store. More to follow…

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