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Cumberland Autocross – Harvest Moon

It has been a slow motorsports summer for me; however, I finally got signed up for the September Harvest Moon Autocross at the Cumberland (MD) airport – . I have been attending autocrosses at this location since 2005, and it never disappoints in driving fun and bench racing.

For this event, I will be dragging my ’90 Honda CRX, aka Red Ricer, to the event along with one of my buddies who will also drive the Ricer. Being my first event of the year, I don’t have high expectations, but it will be good to knock off the rust a little and enjoy the weekend with friends. It looks like there will be a Tesla running the event, so that will be interesting to see on course.

The extra good news for this event is that there will be a picnic Saturday evening at a local “farm” in which owner has an incredible private Corvette collection. He is gracious enough to open the farm to the event participants for a cookout and a chance to check out the Corvette collection. He will have an Airbox ’57 Corvette this year, and the Airbox ‘Vette is a Holy Grail of Vettes.

Over the weekend, I’ll get the Ricer ready for the event – alignment check, cleaning and general maintenance, and if all goes well, I should have a video or two from the event that I will post.

Volvo – Windshield Washer Squirter Fix

As you can tell from my previous post, I’m getting the Volvo C30 tighten up and fixing a couple little issues with the car, and the windshield squirters not squirting has been on my list for a couple weeks.

At first I thought the pump may be bad or a line clogged; however, after a short time with the hood open and the washer pump activated, it was obvious that there was a large leak at the squirter. As I took a look, the issue was that the “tee” for the washer fluid line was leaking. The bottom of the “tee” was missing, and the washer fluid was getting pumped out the bottom of the “tee”. I ordered the below part, and all is well.