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My resume is listed below, and to play by the rules, I limit my resume to two pages which provides little room to tell the full story of one’s career and professional strengths, so I’ll step outside the box a little and provide more of the story.

I built my career on my underlying mechanical ability, troubleshooting process, basic common sense and ability to learn new technologies.  These skills are difficult to learn, so I was fortunate to mature in environments which foster the thinking and skills required to design, build and troubleshoot systems.

My formative years were spent tinkering with my Grandfather, who was a mechanic by trade, in the backyard on countless projects and working for my Dad in an Auto-body shop which he owned and operated. During this time, I also got involved with building and maintaining race cars which allowed me to use my mechanical skills, but it also ingrained the attention to detail required to build a safe and reliable race car.  These experiences provided me the opportunity to learn, not only mechanic and troubleshooting skills, but teamwork and communication skills.

As I grew older, I decided it was time to expand my horizons and joined the USAF.  My job in the USAF was a C-130\MC-130 mechanic which took my previous skill sets to the next level by  ingraining attention to detail and teamwork into each member.  To me, my USAF job provided great satisfaction to work on a broken aircraft, for many hours, get the issues resolved; then, get the chance to launch the aircraft to complete its mission, and knowing that the Military members flying on that aircraft relied on you to provide a safe and functional aircraft.  Having a few to a few dozen lives dependent your your mechanical skills put a new view on the quality of work which is completed. The other aspect of the Military is that it requires a great work ethic and bestows great responsibility onto young adults.  These experiences have stuck with me and have been a great resource to draw upon in my career.

After six years and seven months of active duty, I received an honorable discharge and took a risk on the civilian world.  At the age of 27, I broke into the computer\IT world, and my well rounded experiences parlayed well into this world.  I relied on my troubleshooting and communicating skills to excel at my early computer years, and in my off time, I started on my technical certifications to progress my career.  I started in the Microsoft track and completed my MCSE NT40 (1999); then, I moved onto Cisco certifications and completed the CCNP in 2001.  The rest of my professional career is included on my resume below.


Telecom Design Engineer IV▪ Sprint-Nextel ▪Reston, VA ▪ August 2004 – Present

  • OneLab IP Network Design and Implementation ▪December 2014 – Present:
  • Responsible to create lab IP network designs, implement the required configurations and troubleshoot implementation issues while ensuring OneLab standards are adhered to which provides a stable and reliable transport network
  • Continuously review IP element security standards and make necessary changes utilizing TACACS+, SNMP with Cisco Works and configuration reviews.
  • Interface and interact with various internal groups to understand their requirements and concerns; then, translate these into actionable solutions
  • LTE Systems Engineer ▪September 2009 – December 2014:
  • Managed the design, purchase, installation, commissioning and testing of the end-to-end LTE lab environments. These environments include Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Samsung and NSN and included LTE\CDMA RAN elements and ePC elements.  These labs were used to validate all LTE RAN and ePC hardware and software prior to production deployment while providing the flexibility to support early RAN and LTE device feature validation.  Once the lab environment build was completed, I managed the build out of a (3) site LTE OTA test environment to support real world LTE RAN and device testing.
  • Wrote an architecture white paper to support LTE roaming, inbound and outbound, between Sprint and key roaming partners. The white paper cover home routed and local breakout roaming architectures.  The overall design was successfully implemented.
  • Managed the team responsible for completing and reporting on all pre-production LTE testing. Testing included LTE 3GPP interface validation, RF performance, device and ePC loading and negative scenarios.
  • Key technical advisor supporting LTE site builds for key partners. These installations required thorough knowledge of the LTE end-to-end call flow due to the unique deployment scenarios.
  • Provide first level IP network and connectivity support for all LTE vendors and Sprint LTE test teams. Once the issue was isolated, I coordinated issue resolution across pertinent support teams
  • Manage a multi-million lab budget to include forecasting, committed dollars and cash paid. These activities include negotiating deliverable based SoWs, tracking OPEX\CAPEX costs and providing the test teams with money to purchase test tools..
  • WiMAX Lab Engineer ▪August 2008 – September 2009
  • Designed and implemented a local end-to-end WiMAX environment which included Huawei, Motorola and Samsung WiMAX RAN and Core elements, Starent HA, Bridgewater AAAs and various application servers. This solution provide Mobile IP connectivity which supported WiMAX RAN and WiMAX device performance and functional testing.
  • Key contributor to evolve existing RF automation system to create a more efficient method to pipe RF signal to appropiate chambers, automatically run test scenarios and provide remote troubleshooting solution.
  • Maintained many laptops which supported device validation. The laptops required images of multiple OSes to properly support a full suite of validation tests to cover most end user scenarios.
  • SDC (Sprint Direct Connect) Engineer ▪June 2005 – August 2008:
  • Lead engineer for a 100 cabinet lab environment build out. This activity included the engineering, installation and integration of SUN servers, Cisco routers, Alcatel-Lucent CDMA EVDO Rev A. BTSs, Alcatel-Lucent EVDO RNCs, Starent ST16\ST40 PDSN\HA, Ericsson HSS\SLF\EMS\EMS and Red Hat servers.  This activity completed ahead of schedule and on budget.
  • Assisted in the network design to provide “5 nines” of availability for the customer facing data application network, OAM&P network and RAN, which supported a national deployed application.
  • Provided technical support of the SDC infrastructure to include Starent, Cisco, Redhat and CDMA infrastructure
  • Work with internal and external SMEs to develop ATP test plans, efficiently schedule and complete test cases, collect test data and communicate data to pertinent groups.
  • Design Engineer August 2004 – June 2005:
  • Established network wide standards for all MSO\Data Center equipment to include ancillary hardware such as fiber trays, circuit breaker panels and grounding in alignment with Telcordia publications.
  • Provided secondary AC\DC power engineering for MSO equipment installed into the production network. Efficiently sized breakers and cabling to align with real world power utilization which lowered total cost of the MSO power plant.
  • Maintained the Installation Document template and the General MOP template. These templates were the standard used throughout the company.

Cisco Integration Engineer ▪ Presidio Corp Greenbelt, MD March 2003 – August 2004

  • Engaged in several Cisco core network upgrades for various customers ranging from independent companies, publicly traded corporations and government agencies.
  • Responsible for all pre-staging of Cisco routers, switches, VPN devices and PIX firewalls. Pre-staging included updating to appropriate IOS version, adding base configuration and perform initial quality validation.
  • Responsible for technical pre-sales, network design, equipment selection, site survey, OS upgrade\pre-config, onsite installation\configuration\ integration.
  • Completed several wireless LAN installations utilizing Cisco Aironet products. The wireless LAN customers included large law firms and hospitals. I was required to interact with the customers to understand their budget, wireless needs and security requirements.

Network Engineer ▪ Headstrong, Inc ▪ Fairfax, VA ▪ March 2000 – March 2003

  • Established desktop, server, network and security standards for the internal IT department. Interacted with software and hardware vendors to ensure up to date standards which best fit the business’ requirements.
  • Upgraded the HQ network from a 10baseT hub network to a Cisco 6500 based core\distribution and Cisco 3550 stackable access network.
  • Replaced antiquated back office servers with 75 IBM servers to better serve our internal customers with Microsoft Exchange services, application servers, development servers, web servers, file servers and backup servers
  • Successfully moved all remote offices from a frame relay based network to an IP VPN solution utilizing Netscreen firewalls.
  • Provided senior level support for internal IP networks and Microsoft based servers

Completed CCNP certification – expired in 2004

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